@lacarte is the most sophisticated, socially connected and useful application for all of your hospitality needs. @lacarte has reinvented how you connect with venues and experience hospitality. No longer will you need 10+ apps for great food, drinks and entertainment. In just one app you have the ability to view real time Promo@’s, place orders, reservations, read genuine @vice and much, much more!
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Be part of the in crowd

It’s the idea that started it all—one application that gives you the best deals and promotions from surrounding venues. Unlike other applications and websites that control and create the promotions and deals that spam your phone, Promo@’s are deals directly from the venue. No longer will you say, “I wish I knew about that…” Learn about new menu items, special deals and more as they are created. Once you find the most appealing Promo@, simply place an order or visit the establishment and check-in. It really has never been easier to take advantage of a great promo.


Ch@ it up!

Ch@ is our most unique feature and an industry first chat based ordering system. By simply sending a text through the app you can order a meal, book a reservation or even ask a question to your host. It’s the most customizable and convenient way to connect with a venue. See below for some examples of what you can do with Ch@!



Only have 30 minutes for lunch? Use @lacarte to pre-order, book your table and pay for your meal so everything is ready once you arrive.



Looking to get some take-out or delivery? Text the venue directly for a fast, convenient and fully customized order. Now you can easily order a pizza for you and your significant other with completely different toppings on your half and theirs. Ch@ will always get your order right.



Book reservations—select your time, seating preference and make any special requests i.e. want to see what the view from your table will look like? No problem. Your host can easily send you a pic directly within Ch@!

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Word of mouth… Digitized

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With so many review companies “assisting” with your decision on where to dine or get a drink, it’s hard to know which ones are genuine and which ones are fake. You’ve probably asked the question a thousand times “How do I know this review is real?” Meet @vice. @vice was created to easily share recommendations between you and your friends. Just by checking-in at a venue you leave a recommendation for your friends and others (and vice versa). You can also leave a short write-up and a rating to further detail your experiences. With our technology you can have comfort that all reviews are genuine and from real patrons because an @vice can only be created after checking-in at the location of the venue. Let’s face it, would you rather take @vice from a friend or an online bot?

MENU 2.0

The Smartest Menu

An incredibly smart menu that is always up to date, let’s you know what your friends and others think about certain meals and provides nutritional and other information like which menu items have a deal! We’ve all been there—you’ve heard good things about a venue but you don’t know the best items to order. Menu2.0 can show you which items are your friend’s favourites and which items are liked and commented on the most. Menu2.0 will help make sure you always know what to do no matter what city you are in!


@lacarte lends you a helping hand by showing which services are offered at each venue. Whether you want to book a table, pick up an order or have it delivered, with @lacarte you will always find what you need, whenever you need it.

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With @lacarte, discover new & most talked about spots, follow your favorites and experience their offerings via Menu 2.0. Take advantage of current promotions and read your friends @vice to help make each and every experience amazing!


@lacarte was founded by former Oracle, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Fidelity Investments and United Nations star employees. This group of international, innovative and tech savvy individuals was inspired to develop one end-to-end solution that would bring customers and businesses together with incredible ease. This vision resulted in the creation of @lacarte: one revolutionary ch@ based cloud platform where anyone can view and interact with all products, services and promotions of any venue in real time. @lacarte is a first-of-kind all-in-one-solution that not only replaces 10+ apps for hospitality services, it has added a whole new dimension of features that enhances connectivity between venues and guests.

When you think of transportation you think of UBER, when you think of travel accommodations you think of AirBnB, and when you think of the “go to” app for all interactions between venues and guests, you think of @lacarte!


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