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An industry first all-in-one solution

Tired of using 15+ apps to manage your business? @lacarte is powerful and personalized technology that provides you all the tools needed to directly connect with new and existing customers to showcase, promote and sell your products and services. @lacarte provides you with your own social media platform, smart online menu, guaranteed return on investment promotions tool, revolutionary and genuine review platform, as well as an industry first chat platform for Pre-Orders, bookings and much more. @lacarte’s powerful chat and social media platform also allows you to continuously engage with customers to maintain ongoing relationships, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Guaranteed Profits and Fees

€0 signup fees. €0 maintenance. €0 hidden fees.

@lacarte earns only when your business earns. @lacarte has the industry’s best pricing structure designed to always guarantee a return on your investment.


Pre-order is an unique 3-in-1 feature that allows customers to book a reservation, order their food in in advance and pay all via an easy to use chat. This feature gives customers added flexibility and convenience and is a guaranteed sale for your business. You can even upsell your daily special, or that discounted bottle of wine, on top of what your customer has already ordered, right within the chat before your customer even sets foot in your establishment.

@lacarte’s Pre-order is ideal when you have to manage time pressured customers or customers that like everything sorted out in advance. Pre-Order is a game changer for busy lunches or those hectic nights out.