@lacarte is a powerful and personalized software solution providing you the tools to showcase, promote and sell your products and services all on a far-ranging social platform without having to rely on expensive IT and marketing professionals. Unlike other tech companies or marketing agencies, @lacarte actually guarantees a return on investment every time you run a promotion or marketing campaign. This kind of commitment and guarantee cannot be found elsewhere. @lacarte is THE one platform that replaces the multiple systems your business has for ordering, reservations, customer feedback, marketing services, and more—so your business and customers can connect easily and maintain ongoing relationships. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free here and discover all the innovative ways @lacarte can help grow your business!



Effective, Powerful and Free Technology with Guaranteed Results

@VM is @lacarte’s premiere technology that seamlessly synchronizes sales, marketing, analytics and social media into one incredible, user friendly tool. @VM provides the ability to increase sales by directly connecting your business to your customers in a completely revolutionary way that puts you, the business owner, in control, thereby eliminating the need for expensive marketing or IT personnel. Additionally, @VM presents your business with unmatched, real time data about marketing campaigns, products, services and customer interactions. Read below for a detailed listing of our key features and services.




MENU 2.0




Promotions that you create, control and send directly to potential customers

Design and publish enticing promos that will attract customers and help increase your company’s profits. You can run a Promo@ at any time, from any mobile device and for any product or service that you offer. It’s very easy to create a Promo@—so easy that you can do it in under 1 minute!

Take advantage of the most unique, risk-free, promotional tool that can actually guarantee a return on investment. Where other services guarantee “clicks” and “likes”, Promo@ guarantees real returns for your business.


A completely chat based ordering and reservation system that can handle the needs and demands of your customers

Ch@ allows you to directly connect with customers with ease. Ch@ can process orders, payments and reservations. By using a chat based system you will greatly reduce the time spent answering phones and misinterpreting your customers’ requests.


Real-time statistics and metrics that are relevant to your business and assist with strategy and decision making.

Use powerful metrics like user traffic, menu views, promo views, likes, trend analyses, amongst others statistics, to monitor your success and develop your strategy. Measure the effectiveness of each Promo@ that you have created by calculating your Return on Investment in real time. How is this possible? Because all customers have a unique ID associated with the custom Promo@ code that you have created, our system can actually calculate how many people have been to your place for that specific promotion. For the first time you can actually see how interactions with your menu, @lacarte page and promotions translate into actual returns and value for your business.

MENU 2.0

The smartest menu

Showcase your products and services with beautiful pictures, nutritional information and other rich data that will increase customer interest and boost sales. Additionally, because Menu2.0 is a smart menu, you receive real time data about how customers are interacting with your products (i.e. likes, @vice, purchases and more), so you can improve margins by offering products that customers will truly enjoy. Once a menu item is created or edited, customers see the changes immediately. This is an environmental and price effective solution as there is no need to reprint paper menus.


Genuine feedback from genuine customers.

@vice was engineered so that only actual customers can leave feedback about your products, services and their overall experience. Because an @vice can only be created after checking-in, and a check-in can only be achieved by actually visiting your establishment, only real customers can leave feedback. This is another great tool to let you know what customers think about your products and services so you can benchmark your strategy.

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Keep track of staffing and assign roles within @VM to delegate responsibilities

Add your employees to @VM and assign them unique roles to assist with the creation of Promo@s, handling orders or reservations. This functionality allows your business to handle volume and process orders smoothly and effectively.


@lacarte offers a full suite of products that supports your venue’s marketing, sales, analytics, customer feedback and social media efforts. It is a complete, synchronized solution that doesn’t require expensive hardware or IT support—your venue can easily use @lacarte on a tablet or website and is so user friendly that you and your team will know how to operate the system in no time. Also, @lacarte is ready for use immediately after signing up and can be run in parallel alongside any existing systems your business has in place.

The differentiator? @lacarte is the first solution that can guarantee ROI on all of your marketing campaigns. Whereas other companies guarantee “increased clicks”, “web traffic”, “social presence” etc., @lacarte guarantees actual orders or customer visits to your establishment. With so many “tech solutions” out there, partner the one that is a guaranteed value to your business and replaces all others. Partner with @lacarte.



@lacarte was founded by former Oracle, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Fidelity Investments and United Nations star employees. This group of international, innovative and tech savvy individuals was inspired to develop one end-to-end solution that would bring customers and businesses together with incredible ease. This vision resulted in the creation of @lacarte: one revolutionary ch@ based cloud platform where anyone can view and interact with all products, services and promotions of any venue in real time. @lacarte is a first-of-kind all-in-one-solution that not only replaces 10+ apps for hospitality services, it has added a whole new dimension of features that enhances connectivity between venues and guests.

When you think of transportation you think of UBER, when you think of travel accommodations you think of AirBnB, and when you think of the “go to” app for all interactions between venues and guests, you think of @lacarte!


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