Frequently asked Questions

What is @lacarte?

@lacarte is an all-in-one, chat-based business solution that connects all venues directly with their customers. @lacarte can be used for marketing, promotions, sales, reservations, analytics, and more!

What is the @lacarte phone app?

@lacarte phone app is simply the one app that does all! @lacarte has reinvented how customers connect with venues and experience hospitality. The days of having 10+ apps for great food, drinks and entertainment are gone. In just one app customers have the ability to view real time Promo@’s, place orders, reservations, read genuine @vice and much, much more! @lacarte is chat based, so imagine a Whatsapp™ to do everything described above. What could be easier or more fun?

What is the @lacarte Venue Management? (“@VM”)

Find out more about it here

How do I use @vm?

@VM is extremely easy to use. We have made easy to follow Youtube™ video demos and tutorials that will explain how @lacarte can be used. Click here

What kind of venues use @lacarte?

@lacarte is for all venues that offer food, drinks and entertainment, including, but not limited to, clubs, restaurants, takeaways, pubs, coffee shops etc.


Due to the nature of some features that we provide, such as pre-order, venues would like to be paid in advance.

Do I pay a commission on promoted products?

Absolutely not. Commissions are only charged for products that are not promoted. Even if you upsell another (non-promoted) product on a promoted product it is completely commission free.


@lacarte uses Stripe™ for payment processing. After creating a new Stripe™ account or adding an existing one, you can start accepting payments and, where necessary, provide refunds.

Do I have to give a refund?

Unlike other companies, @lacarte does not interfere with your refund or cancellation policies. @lacarte provides a chat platform where refunds can be discussed and processed. @lacarte recommends having refund and cancellation policies in place.

What is the story behind @lacarte?

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