@lacarte is an all-in-one solution that can handle your venue’s marketing, sales, analytics, customer feedback and social media efforts. It is a complete, synchronized and price effective technology that your venue can easily use on just a tablet or PC, which means it doesn’t interfere with any existing systems your business has in place. Sounds good but what about my bottom line? @lacarte is the first solution that can guarantee a return on all of your marketing campaigns. Whereas other companies guarantee “increased clicks”, “web traffic”, “social presence” etc., @lacarte guarantees actual orders or customer visits to your establishment. With so many “tech solutions” out there, partner the one that is a guaranteed value to your business and replaces all others. Partner with @lacarte.


@VM is @lacarte’s premiere technology that seamlessly synchronizes sales, marketing, analytics and social media into one incredible, user friendly tool. @VM provides venues with the ability to increase sales and returns by providing the tools to promote and sell products and services directly to customers without the need for expensive IT or marketing consultants.

What can Ch@ do for you?

A completely chat based ordering and reservation system that can handle the needs and demands of your customers. Ch@ allows you to directly connect with customers with ease. Ch@ can process orders, payments and reservations. By using a chat-based system you will greatly reduce the time spent answering phones and misinterpreting your customers’ requests.

Genuine feedback from genuine customers

The days of fake reviews are over! @vice was engineered so that only actual customers can leave feedback about your products, services and their overall experience. This is a necessary tool in today’s business environment as more and more consumers make decisions based on reviews. An @vice cannot be faked by bots, computer programs or fake reviewers. An @vice can be followed by friends, meaning extra customers for your venue.

Promo @'s

An easy to use, risk-free promotional tool that guarantees a return on investment. Design and publish enticing promos that are sent directly to customers and result in actual sales. You can run a Promo@ at any time, from virtually any internet connected device and for any product or service that you offer. We only deduct a credit when the promotion that you have created is actually redeemed. It’s very easy to create a Promo@—so easy that you can do it in under 1 minute!


Real-time statistics and metrics that are relevant to your business and assist with strategy and decision making. Use powerful metrics like user traffic, menu views, promo views, likes, amongst others statistics, to monitor your success and develop your strategy. For example: Each time you run a Promo@, you can actually measure the effectiveness of each campaign by measuring your return on investment in real time. For the first time, you can actually see how interactions with your menu, @lacarte page and Promo@’s translate into actual returns and value for your business.

MENU 2.0

Showcase your products and services with beautiful pictures, nutritional information and other rich data that will increase customer interest and boost sales. Since Menu2.0 is a smart menu, you can see real time data about how customers are interacting with your products (i.e. likes, @vice, purchases and more), so you can continue to offer products and promotions that customers will truly enjoy. Also, Menu 2.0 is environmentally friendly as customers see any changes immediately on their digital device, eliminating the need for multiple rounds at the printer.


Keep track of staffing and assign roles within @VM to delegate responsibilities. Add your employees to @VM and assign them unique roles to assist with the creation of Promo@s, handling orders or reservations, and more. This functionality allows your business to handle volume and process orders smoothly and effectively.


Pre-order is a unique 3-in-1 feature that allows customers to book a reservation, order their food in advance and pay all via an easy to use chat. This feature gives customers added flexibility and convenience and is a guaranteed sale for your business. You can even upsell your daily special or that discounted bottle of wine, on top of what your customer has already ordered, right within the chat before your customer even sets foot in your establishment. @lacarte’s Pre-order is ideal when you have to manage time pressured customers or customers that like everything sorted out in advance. Pre-Order is a game changer for busy lunches or those hectic nights out.


Customers have the ability to purchase directly from your venue through @lacarte via an easy to use chat message. Orders can either be for pick-up or for delivery. You can even upsell your daily special or that discounted bottle of wine, on top of what your customer has already ordered.


Manage customers reservations directly through @lacarte. Engage with customers before they even arrive to make suggestions (i.e. champagne for a special event) or refine other requests.