About the people behind @lacarte

The Team

@lacarte was founded by former Oracle, T-Mobile, Microsoft and United Nations star employees. This group of international, innovative and tech savvy individuals was inspired to develop one end-to-end solution that would bring customers and businesses together with incredible ease. This vision resulted in the creation of @lacarte: one revolutionary ch@ based cloud platform where anyone can view and interact with all products, services and promotions of any venue in real time. @lacarte is a first-of-kind all-in-one-solution that not only replaces 10+ apps for hospitality services, it has added a whole new dimension of features that enhances connectivity between venues and guests. When you think of transportation you think of UBER, when you think of travel accommodations you think of AirBnB, and when you think of the “go to” app for all interactions between venues and guests, you think of @lacarte!