why atlacarte? the chat based ordering solution why atlacarte? the chat based ordering solution
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Your venue solution.
Chat User Interface.

A complete chat based ordering and reservation system that can handle the needs and demands of your customers.

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Group Chat

Group chat is our exclusive feature that allows your customers to invite their friends in to a group chat where they can:

  • Chat all together and organize their unique venue experience.
  • Order food/drinks for their friends and pay through the app.
  • Place different orders to the table from their own smartphones.
  • Order rounds for the group at their favourite pub or bar.
  • Split the bill or pay individually their own orders.
  • Join or leave a table/chat whenever they want.
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A unique experience.

Chat based ordering offers you new opportunities to give customers your own unique venue experience digitised. We provide you with the tools to service them faster while maintaining your own unique customer service.

Keep in touch with your customers.

The chat interface allows you to directly connect with your customers with ease. Studies show that 91% of your customers prefer chatting to you.


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